So, it begins again!

I’ve had a couple false starts with blogging throughout my life. This one will stick, I promise. Swear to god, cross my heart, and hope to live forever.

Why am I writing this? I should answer that question for myself as much as for anyone else reading this. The simple answer is that I have a lot I want to write down. The more meaningful answer, well, maybe I’ll find that along the path.

There are a few specific themes that keep bubbling up in my head that I would like to dedicate some time to exploring more deeply. Maybe there will be some posts on these topics in the future, just to name a few:

  • Book Reviews
  • Software Development / Coding
  • Management / Business
  • Board Gaming
  • Urban Planning / Civics
  • Photography
  • Fitness

I’ll probably start with book reviews, as I have a backlog of notes from some tech-related books which I’ve been digging through lately. It feels like taking the time to try and summarize my learnings and feelings on them is a worthwhile exercise, considering all the time I’ve already sunk into reading them. Of course, any recommendations you have for future reading will be taken under advisement.

At any rate, if some crazy idea does pop into my head that I just need to throw out into the ether, well, at least I know where to put it.

Wish me luck!